Mind Blowing Corals, started by Allyson and Colin in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado, is a home based business offering saltwater corals. In 2008 Colin was offered a 125-gallon fish tank, set up for salt water. Although they were very intrigued by reef keeping, they had never considered getting into the hobby of growing corals. Now, 10 years later, Allyson has taken over and is still amazed by the vibrant colors, mind blowing animals, and the chemistry involved with a happy aquarium tank. It also brings her great joy to watch her young son's enjoy the coral hobby with them. She still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when she receive's a package of new saltwater coral on her doorstep. Allyson  takes great pleasure in reproducing beautiful homegrown reef corals, and hope that maybe in some way she is helping to repopulate the endangered coral reefs of the world’s oceans. Allyson takes pride in providing you with the highest quality collector coral. She hope's you enjoy the pictures that she work's so hard to capture, and the collection she worked so hard to build. The tanks are guarded by their son Dominick, and their security in training, son Carter, so beware. They hope you enjoy, and have some Mind Blowing Corals delivered to your doorstep today.