At Mind Blowing Corals, we believe everyone should receive their new corals alive and well. That’s why we ship using FedEx Priority Overnight.

FedEx Priority Over Night

Shipping Price Range Shipping Cost
Out of State $0-$199 $45
All Order's $200 & Over                                 $FREE
Instate $0-$149 $25
All Saturday Deliveries All Order's $65
Local Pick Up All Local Order's           Appointment Only

Shipping is available in within the continental United States only.
Customers located near the Broomfield, Colorado, area can choose to pickup their corals in lieu of paying for shipping, and may also contact us for an appointment to view and purchase corals from our inventory in person.

MBC will confirm shipping date and send tracking number via email. 
All corals on the site are either quarantined or healed for a minimum of 2 weeks before shipping.
All orders must ship within 2 weeks of order date. If you cannot accept a delivery during this time please contact us! At your request, your order can be cancelled and refunded anytime during the shipping window of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can still cancel an order and you will be issued a store credit, valid for 1 year.

We have close to a 99% success rate when shipping corals with our packing techniques! We guarantee live arrival  upon delivery. No signature required but MBC must receive an email with in 1 hour of delivery if there are any problems, to keep DOA policy. If there are DOA* corals, we must receive notification of DOA* coral(s) at within (1) hour of delivery. Within 2 hours we must receive a clear picture of DOA* coral(s). If box arrives damaged MBC must receive picture of whole box immediately. Once box is opened MBC must receive a clear pic of unopened bags and a picture of inside box. If once box is open there are any issues, you have 1 hour to contact MBC to let me know of such issues.  We may request to have the coral skeleton sent back to us. Because shipping stress may cause corals to change colors or be damaged, we may ask you to allow a short period of time for the coral to come back, and then be evaluated for DOA. We cannot be responsible for weather, shipping or carrier delays. If requested, we will ship to a FedEx facility for a hold. If held you must pick up within 2 hours of delivery or DOA guarantee does not apply. If you live in a rural area we would prefer if package could be held at FedEx and picked up, we would like the corals to not sit in a box till 430.  If you do receive a DOA coral we will happily replace the coral if possible, if the coral is not available for replacement we will issue a store credit for coral purchase only (store credit valid for 6 months after purchase), shipping is nonrefundable.

*DOA - dead on arrival. This means that corals are guaranteed to arrive alive. It does not apply to losses once corals are in your tank. We cannot be responsible for errors in lighting, water flow, temperature, water quality, acclimation, or other variables.

Please note we do not ship right before and during major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and July 4th). The risk to live coral shipments is simply too high, due to the increases in overnight shipping at these times. We do not ship the week before Christmas, or the span from Christmas to New Years's Day. All Friday for Saturday shipments near holidays must have prior authorization, and will void any guarantee by the shipper or Mind Blowing Corals.